In-Service Training

2022 Domestic Violence In-Service Training Bulletins (Click on the Month/Year for full document)


January 2022

July 2022

• Supervisor's Corner - Updated Roommate Exceptions Training Video

• LAP Process - 2022 LAP Training & Technical Assistance MOU

• Investigator's Support -Sexual Assault Victim Interview Questions & Supplemental Report Form

February 2022

August 2022

• Supervisor's Corner - Apple Changes You Should Know & ENDTAB Article

• LAP Process - Application for Training and Technical Assistance The Connecticut Lethality Assessment Program

• Investigator's Support -Documenting Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases & Safety Planning Recommendations

• Rollcall/In-Service Training - Strangulation Investigations

March 2022

September 2022

April 2022

October 2022

May 2022

November 2022

June 2022

• Supervisor's Corner - June 1, 2022 Additional Process to Effect Risk Protection Order Investigations & New Affidavit for Risk Protection Order

• LAP Process - 2021 LAP Data Year in Review

• Investigator's Support -Sexual Assault Victim Interview Questions & Supplemental Report Form

December 2022


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January 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Opioid Use Disorders Among Police and Public Safety.

• Investigator's Support - What Crimes Constitute DV?

July 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Effective July 1, 2021 Violations of court orders Should be treated as a family violence crime

• Investigator's Support - Compelling Suspects to Unlock Their Phones

February 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Dash/Body Camera Records

• LAP Process - 2020 LAP Data Review.

August 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Public Act 21-78 (SB 1091) Join Us for a LAP Training of Trainers Oct 28, 2021 09:00 AM

• LAP Process - 2021 Six Month LAP Data Snapshot.

• Investigator's Support - Investigating Domestic Violence

March 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Mandated Reporting for Elder Abuse/Neglect

• LAP Process - Law Enforcement LAP-Lines Your direct connection to your local program.

• Investigator's Support - Dominant Aggressor Frequently Asked Questions

September 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - 2020 Family Violence Homicide Report

• LAP Process - LAP data by Law Enforcement Agency January 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021

• Investigator's Support - Sexual Assault Investigations Patrol Response

April 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Virtual Reality Training for Law Enforcement Officers

• Investigator's Support - Helping Victims of Crimes Cope with Trauma

October 2021

May 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Law Enforcement Involved Domestic Violence

• LAP Process - CT's 1st Quarterly Numbers

• Investigator's Support - Social Medial Experiment

November 2021

June 2021

• Supervisor's Corner - Strangulation, a Prelude to Homicide

• Investigator's Support - Investigating Child Abuse

December 2021


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January 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - CT Family Violence Arrest Report 2018.

• LAP Process - Encouraging non-high danger victims to contact services after the officer leavesis always recommended because of the rapidly changing dynamics of domestic violence.

• Investigator's Support - This training video reviews Evidence Based Prosecution Strategies.

July 2020

February 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - Benefits of having a U Visa Certification Program.

• LAP Process - When not to use LAP.

• Investigator's Support - A mobile app designed to give teens the 411 on healthy relationships & teen dating violence.

August 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - 11 Inspirational Quotes to Boost Police Morale in Trying Times.

• LAP Process - A New Fillable LAP Screen is Being Tested.

• Investigator's Support - Officer Stress Relief.

March 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - Victim Compensation Program.

• LAP Process -All LAP Screens must be forwarded to your local domestic violence Program.

• Investigator's Support - Photographing Evidence - A picture is worth a thousand words.

September 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - Critical Thinking.

• LAP Process - Law Enforcement LAP Lines Your Direct Connection to Your Local Program.

• Investigator's Support - Police Interaction with People on the Spectrum.

April 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - Trauma Informed Interviewing.

• LAP Process -Dual Arrest & LAP.

• Investigator's Support - FBI Reports a Rise in COVID-19 Fraud.

October 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - De-escalation.

• LAP Process - LAP Website Updated.

• Investigator's Support - Mental Resilience in Law Enforcement.

May 2020

November 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - Freedom of Information Act, Your Department Records.

• LAP Process - Updated LAP Screen (October 2020).

• Investigator's Support - Documenting Non-Fatal Strangulations.

June 2020

December 2020

• Supervisor's Corner - What to include in a press release on suicides?

• Investigator's Support - Documenting firearms that were used in a crime.


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January 2019

• Updated LAP Screen and Task Manager Report - How to Run this Task Report. Explanation in LAP Manual, page 20.

• Strangulation - Documenting Strangulation Cases - Roll Call Video.

• Fatality Review Report - Reducing intimate partner violence (IPV) homicide in Connecticut.

July 2019

• Went to Services - Refer to this Explaination.

• Connecticut’s Domestic Violence Information Hub A New Way to Connect to Safety - Link to Safe Connect Description

• CGS 47a-1 Rights and Responsibility of a Landlord and Tenant - Definitions - New Exception to Domestic Violence.

February 2019

• One Focus Each Quarter: Focus on Communication - Schedule ONE face-to-face meeting, Plan TWO phone conversations, Exchange THREE emails.

• 211 Helpline - CT 211 Helpline Roll Call Video.

• How Police Agencies can Help Prevent K-9 Duty Deaths - How Police Agencies Can Help Prevent K-9 Duty Deaths.

August 2019

• New Graph by Department & Agency - Graph Your Department or Agency.

• Police Notification Family Violence Defendant Failure to Appear - Family Violence Defendant Failure to Appear.

• A Blue Crisis - American Police Beat Suicide Prevention Resources for First Responders.

March 2019

• Application for Training and Technical Assistance - How to Implement The Domestic Violence Connecticut Lethality Assessment Program (CTLAP).

• Communication - Tools for Field Communication.

• Psychological Survival Strategies - Arming Police Officers with Psychological Survival Strategies.

September 2019

• Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury's New LAP phone number October 1, 2019 203-753-7387 Bethlehem, Watertown, Wolcott, Waterbury, Cheshire, Woodbury, Middlebury, Naugatuck, Prospect, Southbury

• Dominant Aggressor FAQ: - There are a few reoccurring questions that are often asked about the adoption of Public Act 18-5 “Dominant Aggressor” provisions in Connecticut.

• What to do with the screens - All Screens must be sent to the Domestic Violence program by the end of the shift or next morning. This includes all High-Danger, Non High-Danger, Refused to be Screened.

April 2019

• Limited English Proficiency - Homeland Security LEP Resource Guide for Law Enforcement.

• Leading by Example - FBI Leadership Spotlight.

• Website Issues - A letter from Charles Sampson - Sampson Solutions.

October 2019

• What to say to the victim When they score high-danger on the LAP screen

• Safety Planning - Link to Safety Planning Video

• Submission of the Domestic Violence Supplemental Report DPS-230-C -

May 2019

• Saint Francis Hospital offering FETI interviews - Link to Saint Francis Hospital Forensic Interviews

• U & T Visa's for Administrators - Understanding U and T Visas

• Entering Missing March 2019 Data - The time restrictions to enter data have temporarily been removed.

November 2019

• Testifying in Court - Testifying in court is an important part of the criminal and civil court process.

• Victim Declines to Speak on the Phone after a High-Danger Screen -

• Woman calls 911 to Order Pizza - Domestic Violence Training should include all dispatchers including our fire and ambulance partners.

June 2019

• CT LAP Website - The most up to date forms will always be held on the public access side of the LAP website to allow access to the information 24/7 for all LAP users

• Legislative Change in Roommates & Higher Education - Link to HB 7396 page 34

• Firearm Compliance Statement Surrender Firearms/Ammunition Log Sheet - Firearm and Ammunition Compliance statement Surrender Firearms/Ammunition Log Sheet

December 2019

• Language Access Policy Development Language Access Policy Development video.

• Monthly LAP Data Reports - Monthly report will allow you to track your data entery on a per month basis.

• Police Response to Family Violence Model Policy Update


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January 2018

• Task Reports - How to Run this Task Report. Explanation in LAP Manual, page 20.

• The Neurobiology of Trauma - “Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma and Implications for Interviewing Victims”. Link to Full Document.

• Providing Sound Guidance to Officers - Supervisors Liability. Link to National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), Liability Of Supervisors Full Publication.

July 2018

• Supporting the Victim - CCADV Website.

• Reducing Trauma Exposure to Children During an Arrest - Link to 4 minute video Reducing Trauma Exposure to Kids.

• Military Domestic Violence - Resources and Programs. Link to Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP) Military Resources.

February 2018

• LAP Database Improvements -Keep your ideas and comments on how to make the site better coming in.

• Civil Protective Orders - CGS 46b-16a.

• CT Domestic Violence Model Policy - Supervisors Responsibility. Statewide DV Model Policy.

August 2018

• Changes to the New LAP Screening - Link to New LAP Screen form.

• Photographic Evidence - Link to Guide to Photographing Evidence.

• Responding Officer Procedure when Children are Present - Link to Model Policy - Section 5: Responding Officer.

March 2018

• General instructions for LAP Reporting Program - Link to Instructions for Filling Out the LAP Statistical Report.

• Self-Defense - Link to Statewide Model Policy.

• 5 Stresses Cops deal with that non-Cops should know about - Link to article.

September 2018

• October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Link to the three themes that remain a key focus.

• Writing Reports - Link to 10 steps to improve your written police reports.

• Reviewing Progress - Login and you can view reports by town or troop, with different time ranges available.

April 2018

• Database Task Reports for Programs - How to Run a Task Report Video, 4 minutes.

• How to Document when the LAP Screen was Conducted

• Use or Threatened Use of a Weapon - Link to Model Policy

October 2018

• The History of LAP - How it all began.

• Orders of Protection - Orders of Protection Training Video.

• Academic Support - Article: Why Police Officer Education is Important.

May 2018

• LAP Website Update

• Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals - Communication with Hearing Impaired individuals training video.

• CT Dominant Aggressor - Public Act No. 18-5.

November 2018

• LAP Website Update

• CT Dominant Aggressor - Public Act No. 18-5.

• Team Attitude - How Police Supervisory Styles Influence Patrol Officer Behavior.

June 2018

• The Three Pillars of LAP - Safety, Accountability, Support

• Same Sex Domestic Violence - Link to Department of Justice Report on Gender Bias.

• Undocumented and Trafficked Visas - Link to DHS U and T Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide.

December 2018

• Follow up investigation – Best practice for Law Enforcement.

• Firearm Seizure – Roll Call Video by the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit.

• Family Violence Offence Report – Roll Call Video on common errors for supervisors.


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September 2017

• Public Speaking - Becoming a Confident, Compelling Speaker. Link to full article

• Stalking and Strangulation Legislative Update - Public Act 17-31

• Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe - 10 minute video

October 2017

• Toastmasters Clubs - Tips for Public Speaking

• Victim Compensation Program - Judicial Branch Office of Victim Services’ Victim Compensation Program

• Duty of a Police Officer - Regarding Crime Victims. Link to Statute

November 2017

• Dual Arrest and LAP Screening

• Seizure of Firearms - As Evidence of a Family Violence Crime. Link to Statewide Model Policy

• Duty of a Supervisor - Setting bail after arrest

December 2017

• LAP Screening Form - What Screened in According to Protocol Means

• Short Term Safety Planning - Responding Officer’s Duty. Link to Statewide Model Policy

• Risk Warrants - When to Utilize. Link to Statute